Misfit Makes is a micro jewellery brand created in 2013 by British designer Bex Ling, inspired by many themes including nature, magic, tattoo art, and forgotten traditions.

Bex has always had an eye for striking outfits and accessories and a love for alternative fashion. This style, as well as a passion for art and design can be seen in everything she creates for Misfit Makes.

All the jewellery is manufactured in the UK, then hand finished and packaged by Bex in her Norwich home studio.

Each piece is made of sustainably sourced cherry wood and packaged with eco-friendly materials.

Misfit Makes is always striving to become a more eco conscious brand and  some recent changes include Bex's home and studio being powered by green energy, working with Ecologi to plant trees every month and new, more streamlined packaging.

M E E T   B E X

Bex was born and raised in Ipswich with her 2 brothers and showed a love for drawing and art at a young age.

"As a introvert I think I've always turned towards art and fashion to express myself"

Bex moved to Norwich at 19 to study and after finishing her Illustration degree at Norwich School of Art she quickly decided that working to other people briefs and tight deadlines was just not going to work for her.

That started a journey of experimenting and making, alongside her part time job in a wine shop. During this time she exhibited all types of art and craft including hand painted jackets and shoes, original drawings and a range of accessories made form fabric and clay. After showing her work in small group exhibitions and local markets she finally chose to focused on jewellery design.

"I loved that I could use my skills as an artist to make wearable art that people seemed to connect with"

In 2013 Bex created a range of shrink plastic jewellery that really caught peoples imagination, featuring crystal balls and Ouija imagery. From there the brand really started to take off.

From that first success Bex has built up a loyal following and continues to create striking jewellery based on her unique world view. As the brand grows Bex is trying to be more eco conscious and after many years working in acrylic she has decided to change over using sustainably sourced cherry wood to bring her ideas to life.

As creator of Misfit Makes, Bex designs each collection, alongside shooting all the photography, modelling the pieces, packaging your orders and keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes.

"It's a lot of work but I love having complete creative freedom to run things my way!"

If you wan't to know more about Bex and Misfit Makes you can follow over on Instagram for BTS and sneak peeks @misfitmakes