Misfit Makes is a sustainable jewellery brand, crafting unusual pieces out of wood and brass that feature bold designs, and hidden meanings. The brand was founded by Bex Ling in 2015, after studying Illustration at Norwich University of the Arts.



I'm Bex, the creator of Misfit Makes. I run my business from my home studio in Norwich, England, and I get a lot of my inspiration from walking along the Norfolk broads and out into the countryside.


Motifs of flowers, animals, and insect feature heavily in my jewellery and often carry hidden meanings based on their historical symbolism. These symbols infer themes of transformation, death, rebirth, strength and duality.


Wandering through old cemeteries also sparks my imagination, this might sound a bit macabre (and maybe it is) but the ornate carvings and cryptic messages really intrigue me and speak to my love of sentimentality in art.


I like to take these influences from the past but deliver it with a bold, graphic aesthetic.


You'll find imagery of lit and burnt matches, headstones and portals depicted in my work referencing the passing of time, endings and the unknown, leaning into a larger theme of Memento Mori in my jewellery.


I choose to make jewellery because its an art form that everyone can connect with, a simple and versatile way to express yourself. Jewellery, just like clothing or tattoos is a form of communication, it can tell the world a bit about you, it can be sentimental as well as ornamental and help you create a style that is authentically yours.



Usually my work starts life as a thumbnail sketch which slowly evolves, gaining more detail and meaning as it grows. I will often do 3 or 4 versions of an idea before reaching my final design.


Once I'm happy with my designs the individual parts are bought to life using state of the art UV printing and laser cutting technology. This allows me to reproduce my original artwork without losing any of the vibrant colours or small details, and creates precise cut outs and a quality finish.


Each piece is manufactured in the UK with the help of green energy and hand finished in my home studio. Here, the pieces are peeled and checked for any imperfections before being sanded and heat branded with my logo. Hardware is then added based on your preference.


If you'd like to get to know me better, or see more of my process you can follow me over on Instagram where I show lots of behind the scenes content, ask for your input and share new designs.