A lot of my work is inspired by nature and the beauty I see around me so it’s really important to me to try and protect that, by building a sustainable brand that has a positive impact on the world.

Below I’ve outlined some of the ways I try to put that into practice in my business.


I try my best to make Misfit Makes packaging as eco friendly as possible while still keeping it cute!

I’ve streamlined it, so you’ll no longer get unnecessary business cards or the same sticker you already had 10 times but you will still get a thoughtfully wrapped treat delivered safely to your door.

My boxes are made of sturdy cardboard, stamped with soy ink and sealed with biodegradable Kraft tape, making the whole package fully recyclable.

Inside you’ll find your treats padded with recycled tissue paper, so they reach you safely, and the main event will be wrapped beautifully in recycled, soy ink printed tissue paper, perfect for gifting, recycling or reusing!


All Misfit Makes jewellery is made of FSC certified cherry wood. This means it comes from sustainable, responsibly managed woodlands and is only taken when it can be replaced by trees at the same rate of growth.

I've also introduced some brass elements in my designs. Brass can be recycled infinitely, meaning any waste can be melted down and used again. 90% of the brass in the world has already been recycled!


I take care to run my business in an eco friendly manner, recycling and reusing where possible and always trying to think of new ways to have a positive impact on the planet.

I plant trees each month to further replenish what I use and my home studio along with the rest of my house is powered by green energy.

I work with eco friendly companies to help me bring my ideas to life, they use green energy and recycle all their waste in house.

I take all my packages to my local post office by foot - it’s a good job they’re light!

If you’ve got any suggestions on how you think I could be more eco friendly or any clever ways you’ve found to reuse packaging, get in touch, I’d love to hear them!